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WebPhone log from iOS devices

This wiki document describes how to get webphone logs from iOS devices such as an iPhone.

In case if you encounter any iOS specific issue, then you will need to reproduce the issue on your iOS device and send the logs to mizutech support.
Make sure that the webphone "loglevel" parameter is set to 5.
We need the full log (which contains also the webphone startup).

There are two way to obtain the logs on iOS:

1. App logs

Make the tests with the softphone skin (softphone.html) and upload the logs from the Help menu.

2. Browser console output

For this you need a MacOS machine.
The log can be gathered using Safari browser, by carefully following the below steps:

1. Open Safari on your Mac and enable "Develop" menu: go to "Safari" in the menu bar -> Preferences -> Advanced tab -> check Show Develop menu in menu bar
3. Exit Safari browser on your Mac
4. Connect your iOS device to your Mac
5. On your iOS device go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Web inspector (turn on)
6. Open Safari on your Mac
7. Open webphone on your iOS device in the Safari browser
8. On your Mac: go to Develop menu in Safari -> [Your device] -> [Your web page]. This will open the "Web Inspector".
9. In Web Inspector: go to "Console" tab and reload the web page in your iOS device you all console logs will be displayed
10. Copy console logs and send it to Mizutech support