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Upgrade to MizuDroidPro

You can activate the Pro license at any time with a $39 PayPal transfer to

On your payment Mizutech will send you an license key within 3 workdays (usually within one workday).

Activate your Pro license with the license key following these steps:
  1. Make sure that your phone has a working internet connection
  2. Go to the Settings page (tap on the menu from the dial pad page, then select "Settings")
  3. From the Settings page tap on the menu and select "MizuDroidPro"
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your license key to the input box, then tap on "Upgrade" button.
  5. The phone will be reloaded and you will be notified about the successful/failed upgrade
  6. After successful activation both the tunneling/encryption and the G729 codec is enabled automatically (you can still leave both the tunneling and the codec section as "Automatic". The G729 codec will be selected automatically based on your CPU and bandwidth and the phone will switch to tunneling automatically if needed. Alternatively you can force the G729 codec by selecting only this codec or you can force the tunneling by selecting "Always")


The MizuDroid basic version can be downloaded for free from the Google Play (Android Market). You should make all your tests with the free version before purchasing a license key. Mizutech cannot refund any money after your payment.

If you are satisfied with the softphone please take one minute to write a short rating about it on the Google Play. Please use the forum if you have any questions, suggestion or issues.


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