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Softphone URL's and API's description

You can integrate various links and your server API's with the customized softphones.

Here you might configure API's supported by your server or links to be displayed on the user interface.
The GUI can load additional information from your web server application or display some content from your website internally in a WebView or frame.
You can integrate the included softphone user interface with your website and/or VoIP server HTTP(S) API (if any) by using these settings.

The URL's can be treated as API requests (specially interpreted) or links (to be opened in built-in webview).
For HTTP API request the value must begin with asterisk character: "*"
For example if the "newuser" is a link, then it will be opened in a browser page; if it's an API request (begins with *), then a native form will be opened in the softphone with fields to be completed.

  • The followings are always treated as API request: creditrequest, ratingrequest
  • The followings can be links OR API http requests: newuser, recharge, p2p, callback, sms
  • The rest will be treated always as links (opened in built-in webview or separate browser tab)

URL's are loaded in a built-in web view.
API request are made as HTTP GET requests.

API answers:

  • Answers for successfull requests should return 200 code with the answer or OK: anytext in the body.
  • Answers for failed requests might return 4xx code and ERROR: errorreasontext in the body.

Example credit http request:
(Where USERNAME" will be dynamically replaced with the currently logged in username)

You can use keywords in these URL's which will be replaced automatically by the VoIP app. The following keywords are recognized:

  • KEY: api key
  • USERNAME: sip account username
  • PASSWORD: sip account password
  • PWD: sip password in clear text (should be used only with https)
  • MD5CHECKSUM/MD5VALUE/MD5WEB/MD5NORMAL/MD5SIMPLE: md5 instead of clear password
  • MD5SIMPLE: md5 (pUser + ":" + pPassword)
  • MD5NORMAL: md5 (pUser + ":" + pPassword + ":" + randomSalt)
  • MD5SALT: random salt
  • SALT: salt for md5 calculation
  • MD5WEB
  • PHONE1, PHONE2, PREFIX_OR_NUMBER, CALLEDNUMBER: caller/called numbers
  • PINCODE: pin code
  • AMMOUNT: credit
  • ANUM
  • BNUM
  • PHONE1
  • PHONE2
  • CALLEDNUMBER: dialed number
  • PEERNUM: other party phone number or SIP uri
  • PEERDETAILS: other party display name and other available details
  • DIRECTION: 1=outgoing call, 2=incoming call
  • STATUS: status messages: , onStart, callSetup, callRinging, callConnected, callDisconnected, inChat, outChat
  • TEXT
  • DEVICEID: unique identifier for the client device or browser
  • SESSIONID: session identifier


  • Ensure that you have proper authentication for payable functions such as callback, p2p or sms. Some other functions can also affect user privacy, such as creditrequest. HTTPS is recommended.
  • Not all keywords are supported by all requests.