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Server backup/restore

As you probably know, the backups are the soul of any software based business. Also in the VoIP industry the backups are vital, a well-structured backup plan can save your life in case of disasters, hardware crashes.

Below you can find the steps about a comforting backup plan and restoring procedure for the Mizu softswitch:

- you should have a backup server with the Mizu server and MSSQL Server installed
- between your production server and backup server should be a permanent backup, configured from SQL Management Studio

- regarding the created backups this is our advice: at every hour you should perform a differential backup, at every day a differential backup and at every week, month, year a full backup. Note: schedule this backups for different hours and don’t forget to delete configure also a Maintenanc Cleanup Task
- in case of any disaster, you just need to restore the last full backup in the following way: SQL Management Studio, Databases section, right click on Tasks/Restore/Databases
- after it open the MizuManage from the backup server, at the other/configuration search for the production server IP address and rewrite the InternalIP, lastlocalip, lastlocaliplist, LocalIP global config options value to the backup server IP
- after it you just need to start the mserver: at Start/Search enter services.msc, search in the displayed list of services for “mserver”, right click on it and Start