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Saas's support terms

As you probably know the customer support services are very important in any kind of businesses.
Even if you sell electrotechnics, PC components or VoIP softwares you need to provide support services.

Our goal is to help you to build up a profitable VoIP business, based on the Mizu softwares.
We are providing assistance in VoIP business planning, softswitch installation, routing and billing scenarios
configuration, statistics creation, we are providing trainings about the VoIP server administration, VoIP consultancy, maintenance works and periodical upgrades.
As you can see from the above enumeration, the highest ammount of support works are required in the first months of your VoIP business. Our company doesn't require any extra costs for the service installation/setup (like most of the other VoIP software providers are doing), you just need to pay your renting fee for 3 months in advance. By paying your montly fee, beside of the VoIP softwares you will benefit of highest level technical support (by skype, email, phone).

Here you can find a detailed description of our  support terms. Beside of the support team, which always stay at your disposal, we have a lot of documentations and tutorials about the Mizu softwares.