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MizuDroid Push Notifications


The free MizuDroid softphone includes support for FCM push notifications.
This is useful to wake-up the app on incoming calls while avoiding a better drawer constant running background service to listen for incoming calls.

If your SIP server doesn't have push notification support, then the app can use our push notification gateway at / We provide this service for free for all MizuDroid users.
In this case the REGISTER requests to your SIP server are also forked via this gateway, so your server will send the incoming call also to this gateway, which will send a push notification to the application before forwarding the INVITE.
The push notification will wake-up the app (if it is closed or the device is sleeping) and from there the app can process the incoming call as normally.

When the app uses our push gateway, then you will see an extra register coming from our gateway kept active even if the app is closed.
We are not using this service for any other purpose, we are not collecting any data from these sessions and all related logs are also deleted automatically.

The push notification binding can be removed/disabled multiple ways:

  • From the app settings:
    • Basic settings -> Incoming calls -> set to No or to Yes with background service
    • Or from  Advanced Settings -> General Settings -> Enable push notification -> No
  • Automatically:
    • The push binding on the gateway is also removed automatically after a few days if you are not using the app or if the push server detects that the app is no longer responds for incoming calls.
      (Unfortunately, it s not possible to detect android app uninstall to immediately remove the binding at uninstall, hence we are using a timeout of a few days of inactivity)
  • Manually:
    • We can also remove the push binding of you app manually. For this just send your SIP username to