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MizuCall from thirdparty clients

The MizuCall VoIP service can be used with any SIP capable software or hardware (softphone, ATA, IP Phone, gateway or other devices).

Use any SIP device to make phone calls (softphones, hardware phones, ATA, gateways).
You need to enter the following settings:

  • SIP Domain/Address:
  • SIP username: your account username
  • SIP password: your account password
  • All other settings can be left unchanged with default values
    • Realm / proxy server: same as the domain name above
    • SIP port: 5060
    • Name or display name: your full name
    • Codecs: enable G.711, G.729, others (Speex, Opus, GSM, iLBC)
    • Others: leave it unchanged with default settings

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