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Android softphone customization

The price for the branded version is 1500 USD (one-time payment for a lifetime unlimited license) and we can apply the following customizations for Android softphones:
-All features from the retail version
-Unlimited usage with your VoIP server
-Preconfigured server settings, so the users will have to type only username and password to begin the usage
-Brand name, logo and icon
-Unlimited usage with your VoIP server
-Enable all codec (including G.729)
-Tunneling and encryption setup (optionally with the Mizutech tunneling service)
-Small changes in the settings (changing default values, removing setting options)
-Balance and rating display (if your server has a http API for this)
-Additional links if needed: new user registration, direct link to user account, recharge URI, phone to phone call, callback, SMS
-Mizutech Support and maintenance upgrades for 2 years

Any additional requests will be billed separately. Please contact to request any of the above customization.

Contact sales at or here.

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