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VoIP server 7.4.2
September 24, 2015

VoIP server 7.4.2 is available with WebRTC, new MManage and many other improvements.

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Mobile Softphone

We provide softphone solutions for the major mobile platforms.
Our main focus currently is on Android softphone and iPhone for which we provide both free and customized solutions; available also from the Apple App Store and Google Play. A Symbian dialer and a mobile client is also available.

For VoIP service providers we provide both with-label and branded mobile softphone solutions.

All our VoIP clients includes the industry standard G.729 codec (among many others), encryption (optional feature) and the ability to traverse any NAT or firewall.
For more details, visit our mobile softphones page or check our all-in-one softphone offer.

WebPhone -VoIP for web


Mizu Web SIP PhoneWith our unique webphone solution users can initiate true voip calls without downloading anything, just with one click from your webpage.

             The software is built on open protocols such as SIP and Java allowing maximum compatibility and will run on any java enabled device: Windows/MAC/Linux; All browsers.  Ideal for VoIP service providers, click to call, voice enabled forums, blogs, sales and support pages where your users can speak with each other or anybody can dial your sales or support from your web site.

By enabling voice directly from your webpage you can take a big advantage over your competitors.Learn more about webphone

We have built a public internet phone based on our webphone applet.
With this webphone you can make VoIP calls to any landline or mobile phone or SIP user via any VoIP company; free to use for everybody.
Start dialing

If you need something similar for your website please download our trial version from here
(zip contains trial version, documentation and example html, everything needed for tests or custom integration works)

Mizu Softphone -Professional

Professional SIP SoftphoneMizu SoftPhone is our award winner professional VoIP client application based on the open standard SIP protocol with an easy to use modern interface. With Mizu SoftPhone you can connect to any SIP server on the public internet or on your local area network.
Multiple accounts and multiple SIP server registrations combined with a powerful dial plan can minimize your telecom bills while using the  greatest features from the VoIP industry.
Features include built-in encryption, IM, presence, HD Video, history with voice records, skype like voice quality using ultra-wideband codecs and much more
A free edition is also available based on the same engine as our corporate sip softphone but it has some features disabled (like G.729 and wideband codecs,  multiple accounts and file transfer over SIP)

Learn more about mizu sip clientBuy Softphone

Download trial SIP  client


Customized Softphone for VoIP service providers

Corporate SIP desktop client applicationThe SoftPhone was designed to seamlessly work with any SIP server and IP Phone.
Mizu Softphone can offload lots of load from your server by its excellent NAT handling (no RTP routing required), P2P path detections (IP to  IP calls will work without the server assistance) and local conference mixer with codec conversion when necessary.
All sip related protocols are supported by clear quality industrial codecs and audio enhancements.
We offer free customization.


Hosted VoIP

Get started with your VoIP instance within a matter of minutes.VoIP Hosting order
The Mizutech VoIP hosting platform is a turnkey managed VoIP system including all the popular modules from the "All-in-one" VoIP solution such as sophisticated routing, billing, IVR, call-recording and many others with an easy to use admin interface. We provide high quality hosting with preconfigured and fine-tuned servers and constant 24/7 service monitoring.

Migrate to Mizutech cloud today and benefit from the lowest TCO while keeping full ownership on your data;
export/import/migrate at any time to/from any platform.

VoIP Softswitch

Mizu SIP ServerVoIP Server

Download SIP server basic edition Learn more about Mizu SIP Server

Easy to use and reliable VoIP softswitch for the MS Windows platforms with MS-SQL database backend.

Suitable from small businesses to enterprise grade VoIP carriers and ITSPs.
Its high call density (up to 10000 simultaneous calls on a single instance), sophisticated routing, rich featured and robust SIP and H323 stack will help you to become a competitive company on the VoIP market. Usable for broadband VoIP services, retail business platform, wholesale termination, SBC or as a calling card server including LCR/BRS/load balancing, IVR, prepaid/postpaid VoIP billing, calling card business, e-payments, unlimited reseller and callshop options, presence/IM service, SMS, callback, phone to phone, conferencing and many other modules.

The all in one VoIP software package contains all software needed by VoIP service providers for a successful business on today telecom market: the softswitch with all modules including built-in VoIP tunneling/encryption and various client side software for resellers and customers (web interface, customized softphone, webphone and mobile dialers). The package contains support services from Mizutech including installation, configuration, training, monitoring and help in all issues related to your VoIP business. From July 2010 we have started our SaaS offering VoIP hosting and VoIP call termination to our customers to lower the associated maintenance and administration costs.

Server side VoIP solutions

Mizu SIP ServerVoIP Tunnel

Download SIP server basic edition Learn more about Mizu SIP Server

Encrypt VoIP signaling and media.

Powerful, reliable VoIP tunneling server to handle the VoIP encryption transparently without any change in your infrastructure. Bypass all kind of VoIP filtering. Client-side software are also included in the package (customized softphone, webphone, mobile dialers and tunnel client for third party devices)

Ideal for outgoing telemarketing or for incoming support calls.
No any additional software of hardware required (voip server + CRM database + voip client with CRM interface is included)
Powerful server with predictive dialer and rich IVR support combined with easy to use database.
Smart voip client with fully customizable GUI and scripts.

Learn more about Mizu Call Center

Buy Mizu CallcenterCampaign based lucrative outbound, inbound and blended operation.

VoIP software Development and Consulting

SIP application developmentWe are offering custom development services in VoIP related fields like custom features, VoIP SDK, SIP stack development, VoIP stresstest tools, RTP mixers, H323 modules, custom IVR, integration services, high load voip server deployments, voip - CRM integration and many other SIP related development.
Contact us if you need assistance on building your VoIP network or choosing the right VoIP equipment's for your needs.

Contact us nowLearn more about VOIP development