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4/26/2021 5:51 AM


is it safe enough for the sip account/credentials when MizuDroid App sends REGISTER not directly to the registrar server, but also registeres from your intermediate server (User-agent:: MizuFCMPushProxy 9.3) (to solve the problem of being able to receive incoming calls when the smartphone is in standby mode).



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6/22/2021 6:39 AM
If push notifications are not supported by your SIP server, then the app can use our SIP-PUSH proxy service by default.
We provide this service for free for all our customers and we don't store any credentials, even the service logs are auto-deleted after 3 days.
You can turn it off from the app settings (disable push notification) if you wish.

Push notification is useful so that you can receive incoming calls even if the app is not running or your device is sleeping. Otherwise it is also possible to run the app as a background service to handle incoming calls. This will use some more battery. You can also disable both service and push if you are not interested in incoming calls.
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1/9/2022 9:40 AM
My phone doesn't wake with push.
How do I know the problem? Mizudroid or

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2/9/2022 1:37 PM

This should be fixed with the latest upgrade.
If somehow the problem still peristis, please send a log so we can look for the details.

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2/15/2022 8:53 AM
Hi, what will the logs contain if the phone doesn't answer and it goes straight to voice mail?

Do you have some steps I take so the log can capture the right details you need?
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5/16/2022 8:43 AM

See this wiki post about the details:

So, you just need to enable the logs, reporduce the problem and upload the logs. Don't restrat the app between the problem happened and the log upload.
The log will/should contain the app startup (with the relevant parameters) and the failed register/call.


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7/5/2022 4:29 AM

I just did the test and uploaded the logs

  1. Enabled logs in settings
  2. I also enabled logs from the help menu because it wasn't enabled and you need to in order to see the "send logs" option
  3. I restarted mizudroid by using the 'exit' option from the menu
  4. I checked the help menu and see that logging looks enabled still
  5. Then I did some other stuff on the phone like browse Instagram
  6. Then I put the phone down while I cleaned my office
  7. After a while, I tried to call my mizudroid phone and it went straight to voice mail
  8. I sent the logs from the help menu

When I just close the phone and put the phone down, and call the phone moments later, the phone does ring. However I need it to ring after it is sitting for a long time 


Hope the logs helped 

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7/22/2022 4:19 PM

This is a PUSH-SIP gateway hosted by us and we offer this service for free for all our softphone users.
This service might be used by the softphone only if the SIP server doesn't have push support (RFC 8599).

The gateway might store only the hash of your credentials and sometimes logs are enabled when we look for any issues, which are then auto deleted after 10 days.

Your account should be safe or if you don't trust us then you can disable push in the settings and enable service listener (that will consume some extra CPU/battery by constantly running the listener service)


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