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1/8/2012 3:57 PM

I have set 2 outbound route -SIP Servers -in the routing with equal priority and set BRS routing.

Since then, all my traffic is sent to route "A" (I see only 3 calls from 28 targeting route "B")

I have checked the statistics in previous days and route B seems to be ok with 112 seconds ACD and 37% ASR (these values are normal for our routes)

What can be the problem?


Kind Regards


New Post
1/8/2012 4:15 PM

For those who don't know the meaning of BRS: it is Best Route selection.

This is a special routing algorithm in Mizutech softswitch. Unless LCR (least cost routing) this will check also the quality (ASR, ACD and other statistics)


Regarding your question:

It would be important to know the statistics and pricing on both of your routes. If possible, please send a remote desktop access to and my colleagues will verify this.

Otherwise you can't expect too much from BRS after only 30 calls. Usually it needs at least 50 call for more stable statistics.

Please note, that this module will check both long and short time statistics (even 1 month old statistics are considered ...with lower priority)

In the MizuManage you can find a helper application named BRSDemo.exe. You can experiment with that application to see how the BRS would route the traffic under different circumstances.

Best Regards,
Istvan Fenesi

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