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2/18/2010 7:02 AM

News and events merged from old forum thread:

MizuPhone Releases

MizuPhone SIP Softphone version 0.8.2 have been released today to conquer the VOIP world.
You are welcome to download and use it!
Any feedback will be appreciated.


Changelog for MizuPhone 1.0.2:

The following issues were addressed:

+missing domain in sip requests
+time limit for history display
+tests with trixbox (asterisk)
+video negotiation problems
+fix speex remix and decode
+asterisk ilbc mode 20/30

+disabled encryption by default
+right click after add p to conference
+keep old people at conf list (not a contact)
+ERROR,cannot find sound sounds\ring_inc 
+add mute audio option
+display last rtp stat
+double click on "not connected" status to launch settings
+check last click tick on call tab, and don't hide if clicked
+conference not working between endpoints
+MizuTechAccountExists(bool andused = false)
+MAXJITTERLEN  12800 increase to 18000
+don't record voice by default ??
+optimize softphone resource management
+test with zoiper and asterisk
+test ip:port rewrite on local server and rport test with server
+recheck audio finetune
+don't send subscribe requests without address
+display network/sound icons and cut the log message
+make sure that trial notifications works well
+embedded help topics (voip help, profile help)
+autorun -> set to "mizudisabled"
+send requests with sip disaplay name loaded from user details
+respond to unknown requests: 501 (Not Implemented)
+contact user id (call to ... userid), and my user id (sip from/sip to) (from or contact?)
+don't use getcontact in register sessions
+call to ...sip address
+call failed? send bugreport or get help from mizutech
+call hold after sip standard (sendonly or c=IN IP4  a=inactive,sendonly,sendrecv,recvonly. display call in hold
+put (and extract) name  in From and Contacts header. Example: From: "Anonymous" <sip:anonymous@anonymous.invalid>
+a=rtpmap:4 G723/8000/1  a=fmtp:4 annexa=no and annexa=yes
+when failed to send chat message, display the send by mail option on the right panel
+to much time untill displays the message delivery failed error
+cache best received message params in ep (and don't use the last received)
+make sure, that contact has local ip:port
+cseq can be very big. example: CSeq: 1147315083 INVITE
+increase cseq for register requests for every 5'th requets
+remove "methods=" from the Contact header
+change language from appearance
+increase sdpversionid on sdp change
+add s= for special calls (filetransf)  (s=SIP Call)
+don't show the close button for the history tab
+routing preferences
+start calls with video (options in dial), anonymize
+use dialplan
+not remembering last form size
+if was minimized, than start as minimized on autostart
+test disable autostart
+add hold, transfer, conf buttons small buttons
+aboutbox details
+detailed info display (statistics, cpu load, etc)
+don't finetune audio at start .. ?
+close all tabs on logoff
+voice recording to numbers wich beguns with *
+don't mute conference call
+storage url not showed
+24 hour stresstest with 20 simoultan calls and 50 simoultan IM sessions
+> sign before the current status text
+contact storage dosn't show url
+send email setfocus to "to" or "suject"
+set default register interwal to 90 sec
+vista 4 core CPU freeze (async hangup)
+more deatails on new contact
+centered dialpad
+ie help windows ..add content
+test lower-uppercase in username/password
+"last page" dosn't work (last used)
+ha nemugyanarrol az iprol jon a bye, akkor nem fogadom el?
+set display name and email from new acc
+show new acc create when no acc found at login
+save settings to file dosn't save anything
+ should be better than
+don't subscribe for users with server is disabled (or don't use disabled server addresses)
+dont show/hide the contact on right click
+display name rewrite not working
+configure sip account display after mizutech call
+more info about the calls (rtp path, audio dev, local ip)
+invert chat user colors (localuser-remoteuser)
+require more details when creating a new user
+auto login after creating new user
+ugly icons on history in vista
+add mizutech acc: disable create button on successfull. eventually switch back to settings
+remove mizuphone autostart when uninstalled
+ERROR: on startwork c4ft Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Mizu\images\status_other.bmp
+ERROR, error detected in RegisterFileTypeAssociations
+Failed to set data for ''
+disable autoruns not working
+wat for ring timeout is too small
+too small waittime for calltab close
+set the default username-password for the new mizutech acc
+codec priority mismatch ???
+small sized and precostumized editions
+add install files to ftp too
+an emty acc is showed at start (create mizu clicked)
+check if outgoing ringtone is working 
+selected codec is PCMU! (only when installing over the free version?)
+always send sdp in ack
+video reinvite
+saving log on setting save (check codec save for all accc)
+right click not working for chat image
+don't list mobile on via options
+send chat msg dlg number -> user
+show advanced settings is not bold
+don't display "call a number" menu while on the dial pad
+speexwb is not selected by default
+test: mizutechemail, firststepps, network finetune, unreg status when server is down
+login dropdown
+disable agc on change volume?
+don't annouce support for "timer" when cfg set to 0
+check if account name already exists when creating new acc or loading from file (or saving?)!
+add video dosn't send media when we are the server search for video codec
+check if we have voip provider before calling
+settings restore
+check user directory if a special file exists
+Save for &all accounts display only if more than 1 acc
+disable camera settings when no cam device
+enlarge voicemail tab
+confusing close button
+sel acc on fax
+share my files help
+smily eltolodas
+auto detect when subscribe is not supported
+outband proxy and separate domain bug
+storage config show/hide
+email send button be disabled by default
+don't display contact without username
+call menu -> send chat -> no contact selected
+right click on call tab
+no close button on new contact
+check codecs in preference order here -ep
+call tabon nelehessen ujra hivni  + irja ki az aktuálisan hivott számot
+put pending call to mute when switching between calls
+more tests with speex and ilbc
+microsoft pidf:
+more help and faq
+contact last seen date
+no acc and via selected on chat
+handle if enter domain at username
+Memo18 double click goes to logs
+contact details width
+right click menu
+able to load sip provider profile from file
+put sielncesupress to usersettings
+send final codec in ack
+softphone contact save (email)  imnotusing, GetXData ::getimstate
+check proxy server restrictions
+allow paralel search option
+sendmail_missedcalls, sendmail_missedmsg
+selfrestart on language switch not working


Changes in version 0.9.2

After 2 month of beta testing, we have released the stable version with the following changes:

  -bugfix: fixed codec negociation in the dynamic range
  -bugfix: lots of small changes in signaling and media stack
  -bugfix: buffer owerflow on file decryptions
  -bugfix: solved H263 video startup 
  -bugfix: solved presence status icon mismatch   
  -bugfix: selecting speex codec  
  -added: wideband codec (speex)
  -added: video detach
  -added: audio denoise and echo supression capabilities
  -added: remote storage WebDav, XCAP, FTP, HTTP
  -added: audio/video tuning wizard
  -added: network finetune
  -added: local and serverside voicemail support
  -added: hungarian language translation
  -added: application appearance options
  -added: sip publish method implementation
  -added: export/import from/to various sources (LDAP,WAB)
  -added: better account status display
  -added: fax (still in beta stage)
  -added: settings and contactlist restore functionality     

 and many other small bugfixes and improwements

Domain name changed

We have changed our domain from to


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Nice post by the way.

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