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9/30/2023 7:34 AM

I just installed the Mizu PBX. I defined 2 endusers and they can call each other. I'm having trouble definning a trunk (Callcentric). I see where trunks are defined, but whatever I try it doesn't register. Please help.

Also, how do you Park and Pick-Up a call?


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9/30/2023 8:10 AM

Truns are named "SIP Server" and "Traffic Sender" here.
So you can create an inbound trunk by creating a "Traffic Sender" user and you can create an outbound trunk by creating a "SIP Server" user.

See the tutorial for the details.

Call park/pickup can be implemented with stanard SIP call hold and transfer which is enabled by default.


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9/30/2023 2:30 PM

Thank you for the reply, but I’m still having problems.

This is how I configured SIP Server:
Full Name: Callcentric
Register: Checked
Port: 5060
Transport: UDP

When I look at an enduser, the monitor shows Offline when it’s not registered.
When I look at the SIP server it doesn’t show offline, but Callcentric doesn’t show the extension registered.

This is how I configured Traffic Sender:
Full Name: Callcentric In
Auth Type: Auth IP/Username/password
Auth IP:

I get error “save a duplicate value cannot be inserted…”.
What am I doing wrong?

I have the Mizu free version. I'm using an ATA to register to an enduser.

I don’t understand what you said “Call park/pickup can be implemented with standard SIP”
Do I have to install the feature? How?
How do I park a call?
Can I park myself?
In FreePBX you dial 70 and you get an announcement what parking lot you were placed.

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9/30/2023 8:11 PM

I checked Status and it was Manually Stopped. I did a Start Server and the status changed to Started, but changed back to Manually Stopped again. I then did a Restart Server and re-booted my computer. The status is now Started and it registered to Callcentric. Yea!

I still don't know how to define a Traffic Sender. I get a "Duplicate" error when I try to save it.
Don't know how to Park and Pick-Up calls.
Do I need to install the Parking feature?

New question;
I don't understand defining Routing. I want to send 10 digit numbers to a trunk. If the number has a prefix, how do I remove it?

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9/30/2023 10:22 PM

I apologize for all the dumb posts.

I only have 1 trunk, so I want all outbound to go there.
The trunk is registered.
I found the instructions for routing.

Here is what I have under Routing:
On the left I created a pattern "All".
I didn't add any patterns.
Priorty: 1
Time: all times
Routing Mode: global config

On the right I added 1 destination
Destination Priorty List: All
Priority: 1
Type: SIP Server
Direction: (My trunk name)

I place a call and nothing happens.
The trunk has a monitor and nothing is posted.

Right now I don't care abount inbound calls. I want outbound to work and know how to park and pick-up calls

What am I doing wrong?


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10/6/2023 7:02 PM
Your routing configuration sounds good.
Are you interested to purchase a license?
In that case please contact with RDP access and they will help.
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