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6/9/2020 4:09 PM

Hi Sirs.

Using eclipse, to test jvoip java sdk, i've developed a dynamic web project o make calls and play .wav to the remote phone on call stablished, etc. calling it through a servlet of my own: all went okay and perfect!.

But... I've deployed this web project to a production Tomcat Server (same configuration used in development eclipse tomcat server) and I could make calls the same way: all right!, but when I want to play a .wav audio file I've one little problem: no sound on remote phone. The notifications thread (Log=5) shows no problem, that is: jvoip finds the .wav file and starts playing and notification thread receives the PLAYREADY event when playback finishes, but no audio heard on the remote phone.

I parametrized the webphone object like this in eclipse and the .wav file plays ok on the remote phone, but the .wav playing does not work on the production server (calling works ok on the production server but .wav playing no).

           wobj.API_SetParameter("username", headerPhone);
            wobj.API_SetParameter("password", headerPhone);
            wobj.API_SetParameter("loglevel", "1"); // you might set to 1 for
                                                    // production
            wobj.API_SetParameter("registerinterval", "0");

            wobj.API_SetParameter("useaudiodevicerecord", "false"); // Para el
                                                                    // playback
                                                                    // de wav al
                                                                    // usuario
            wobj.API_SetParameter("syncvoicerec", "0");
            wobj.API_SetParameter("useaudiodeviceplayback", "false");
            wobj.API_SetParameter("mediatimeout", "0");

And in CALLCONNECT event I start playing the audio  using this line of code: wobj.API_PlaySound(1, wavPath, 1, true, false, true, -1, "", false);

I do not know what the problem might be. I've spent many time debugging and searching for the problem without luck. The production server has no audio card, but setting useaudiodeviceplayback=false and useaudiodevicerecord=false  makes no necessary the presence  of an audio device nor windows audio service started (to test I've started the Windows Audio service in the production server, without luck), I am wrong?

Any clue?

Thanks in advance.


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6/10/2020 11:13 AM

Please send the detailed JVoIP logs by email to and we will check it asap.
Please send also the issue description with your email (your post text).
See the "How to generate and send logs from JVoIP" FAQ point in the JVoIP documentation for the details.
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