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12/5/2021 1:28 PM


I am using Mizu VoIP on a LAN, where the server and the end points all have fixed IPs (no DHCP). I set my clients (all Grandstream HT801) to re-register every 90 seconds with a registration expiry time of 2 minutes.

The reason I do that is that if the server goes down for whatever reason, I want the end points to:

1) Realize as soon as possible that the server is down and therefore indicate with their LED that they lost their registration

2) Re-register as soon as possible once the server comes back to life

The problem is that almost every day, the server blocks the IP of the each end point for 20 minutes. The message in the log is "session blocked because too many same message".

I tried to disable the firewall and filtering in the configuration, tried to add the end point IPs to all the trusted IP lists, set trustsubnet and trustLAN to true (should it be "1" or "yes"?)... to no avail.

Any clue?

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12/5/2021 1:34 PM

And I also set the maxmsgcountlimitmultiplier to 2

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12/7/2021 6:22 PM

This issue have been addressed in the latest release.

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12/8/2021 1:05 PM

SuperUser Account wrote:

This issue have been addressed in the latest release.

I updated to the latest version today (9.4.21121.971) and the problem still occurs, even though my end points are now set up to re-register after only every 120 seconds (instead of 90 originally). Just observed one of them get blocked for 20 minutes again. See log sample below. No response whatsoever is issued to the end poitn to let him know something is wrong. All subsequent messages from the end point are simply ignored for 20 minutes.

[2021/12/08 12:26:46 083] EVENT,ValidateInput 3 -1 3 [9464] {961491}                                                                    
[2021/12/08 12:26:46 084] EVENT,ValidateInput 3 -1 3 [9464] {961491}                                                                    
[2021/12/08 12:26:46 085] REC,  REGISTER sip: SIP/2.0 [12580] {961492}                                                                    
[2021/12/08 12:26:46 085] REC,                                                                     
    REGISTER sip: SIP/2.0                                                                
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK1338714668;rport                                                                
    From: "geol" ;tag=1264590765                                                                
    To: <sip:12@>
    Call-ID: 1715693977-5060-1@BJC.BGI.G.BC                                                                
    CSeq: 10439 REGISTER                                                                
    Contact: ;reg-id=1;+sip.instance=""                                                                
    Max-Forwards: 70                                                                
    User-Agent: Grandstream HT801                                                                
    Supported: path                                                                
    Expires: 3600                                                                
    Allow: INVITE, ACK, OPTIONS, CANCEL, BYE, SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY, INFO, REFER, UPDATE                                                                
    Content-Length: 0                                                                
     [12580] {961492}                                                                
[2021/12/08 12:26:46 086] WARNING,session blocked because too many same message rec (0 109 24 42903 10439)   -epServer: Register/12/12/1715693977-5060-1@BJC.BGI.G.BC [12580] {961492}                                                               


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12/10/2021 3:01 AM

So now I have increased the re-registration interval to 300 seconds, and my end points get blocked less frequently but they still get blocked. Bizarrely, the duration of the block differs depending on the user agent of the end point: my Grandstream HT801 units all get blocked for 20 minutes but the Mizu softphone only gets blocked for 5 minutes. Go figure. There is some very twisted logic at work here.

I am more and more convinced that this is a bug and not something to do with my settings. Or if there is a minimum re-registration interval to respect it is 1) hard coded 2) not negotiated by the server with the clients and 3) not mentioned in the documentation.

Does anyone else see the same problem?

I have been testing Mizu winPBX, which is based on the 8.8 version, and it does not seem to have the same problem. I will try it on my main system.

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12/14/2021 1:10 PM
Still doing it even with 600 seconds re-registration interval.

I had to write a script to send a "delbanned,all" command to the server whenever an endpoint is complaining of being unable to register.

Not too impressed with this. I will replace Mizu another solution unless this problem can be solved.
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12/14/2021 3:04 PM

Please contact mizutech support with this if you have a license. I am sure that they will fix it quickly on your server.

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12/14/2021 5:29 PM

I do not have a paid license because I am within the non commercial terms of the free license, and you do not have a sensibly priced license option for very small installations (I have eight endpoints).

But then if the "free" software is crippled with unfixable bugs or has undocumented limitations that can only be removed by paying for support,then it's not really free, is it?

"No artificial limits", you say. Yet I have spent hours combing through the documentation and website and all the settings, and I have not been able to find any mention of this problem, which happens right out of the box even with a single user!?

Tthe problem still occurs when the client re-registers only every 600 seconds, which is the interval that the server forces on the client when the interval requested by the client is too small. Yet that is still "too many same messages received" when all a client does is being idle for 24 hours and just re-registers every 10 minutes!?

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12/24/2021 9:44 AM
We don't know about such a bug in our software, no such things are reported by other users and I am sure that our support would be able to resolve the problem.
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1/26/2022 8:27 AM
Thanks for helping. Very interesting information!
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