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7/24/2019 4:05 AM
I just installed and am testing free MizuDriod on a Mi mobile phone, and can't figure out quite a few things. For example, regardless of Settings, it doesn't add any widget in Notifications area. Also, despite advertised in Android SIP SDK, there is no MWI option in Settings. This means, the softphone doesn't allow user to know whether new voicemails are waiting. Also, despite Push notifications are enabled, and the app is allowed to autostart and run in background in phone settings with no energy savings, and also fixed running in Recent, no calls can be received after the phone display is off for a few minutes. In addition, the latest Feature Compare list by Free and Pro versions is concealed by devs, so the impression is many features are half blocked in Free version, meaning they don't work as expected, despite accessible in Settings and advertised in Google Play.

So my questions are:

- How to enable MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)?
- How to receive call Push Notifications while the phone is asleep, or display is off for a few min.?
- How to adjust Mic level in MizuDroid settings?
- How to get MizuDriod widget placed in Notifications?
Please post here an exhaustive very detail list of features and their options supported in Pro version, but not available in Free? What features simply don't properly or fully work in Free, while claimed supported? Thanks for your expected honesty!
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7/24/2019 9:02 AM
Voicemail is enabled by default and you should receive “MWI” notifications.
(You can disable it with the “voicemail” setting).
If this is not happening then please send a log and we will check it ("How to send logs" FAQ point)

Regarding push notifications:
This will work only if you server has push support or otherwise it can be used via gateway.
You can set it by calling the SetPushNotifications API at start.
If you are using our push gateway then you can find the exact details in its documentation "AJVoIP" chapter.

The mic level can be configured with the “volumein” setting or with the SetVolume API.

I don’t clearly understand what exactly you mean on “MizuDriod widget placed in Notifications”.
If for push notifications, then you will need to handle it as you wish by placing a notification or just auto-launching the app when a push notification is received (usually auto launch should be done for calls and a notification for chat messages).

If something doesn’t work for you in MizuDroid, please let us know the exact details and send a log about it so we can check it.
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7/24/2019 4:13 PM
I will follow up on your reply gradually in a few posts, since there are several issues now.

With regards to MWI, there is only 1 Voicemail setting I can find in MizuDroid: in Call Divert section - "Set voicemail number which will be used if not received automatically". I set voicemail access number here: *97 . There is no MWI related setting, such as "Subscribe to voicemail notifications" with choices 0 to 4 аs stated in your API docs and you implied above. Where to find such setting in MizuDroid? Once activated, where MWI notifications are shown - in the phone UI or MizuDroid Notification Bar widget?Would be nice to see "3 new voicemail" in the widget, and also in a floating short term on screen notification once a new voicemail is left.

As to missing Notification Widget, in General Settings - Display Notification its offered to show MizuDroid widget in the phone Notifications Bar (pull down top area). The widget did show up once I selected "Always". 

Also, is it possible to set a distinct Nickname for each User Account to recognize and switch btw them easily in MizuDroid? I've several accs with different VoIP providers, and the acc numbers are not the same as phone numbers, so its hard to differ, and Nicknames will work best. Account nicknames (edited by user visible in UI names) are allowed in Zoiper.

With regards to audio quality, I tried to test it by calling from my one phone number to another via WiFi and also LTE. Received call audio volume is very low (I hear responses well, but the other end hears little), possibly due to Echo filter applied since both phones are close to each other. But Zoiper gives very loud audio on both ends in the same scenario. Any way to raise sound volume on the receiving end, possibly by adjusting sound filter or Mic settings?

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7/24/2019 5:32 PM
MizuDroid Notification area widget, it disappears once MizuDroid is closed, despite its process is configured to run on app exit, and the widget configured to "Always show". It re-appears once a new call is received and accepted. The widget should always show up in Notifications area.

There seems to be another bug related to Hold feature. When a call notification is received and accepted, the call connection proceeds OK initially. Once I press Hold button during the call , there is full silence regardless of chosen Hold options in Settings. But once I press Hold button again, it says "Hold released", but silence persists, and its impossible to continue conversation, I have to hangup each time.

Also, my VoIP provider offers "Music on hold". But there is no music heard after pressing Hold in MizuDroid, even with default (Mic only) Hold setting. Can it be fixed on my end? Zoiper plays music on Hold no problem. I wanted to test MizuDroid, since Zoiper for Android doesn't offer MWI, and its Push feels at times unreliable.

For now some of these issues may be caused by not knowing well the phone vast options choice. So before sending any logs, it makes sense to discuss possible causes and solutions here. It might be many users face the same issues due to lack of the app knowledge when starting using MizuDroid.
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7/25/2019 7:55 AM
I am a bit confused:
In which software are you interested in? AJVoIP SDK or a customized Android softphone?
In what kind of license are you interested in?

Regarding voicemail settings:
Yes, there is no any setting on the MizuDroid user interface to disable voicemail.
Although for most settings from the AJVoIP documentation parameter list there is a corresponding setting also on the MizuDroid user interface, there are a lot of settings for which there are no any GUI exposed to endusers.
If you don’t receive voicemail notification you should send us a log about this and we will check the reason.

Regarding notifications display:
We are going to check this and it will be fixed in the upcoming new release if there is a bug with that.
I also noted your nickname setting possibility for the account.

Regarding volume, I already wrote in the previous post how to increase it.
There are also settings for this in MizuDroid.

For the hold please send a log and we will check it.
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