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What is MizuPhone? 什么是MizuPhone ? Minimize

MizuPhone is a professional VOIP softphone based on the open standard SIP protocol MizuPhone是一家专业的VOIP 软件基于开放标准的SIP协议 with an easy to use interface. 一个简单易用的界面。 With MizuPhone you can connect to any SIP (proxy and/or registrar) server on the public internet or on your local area network. 与MizuPhone可以连接到任何的SIP (代理和/或书记官长)服务器上的公共互联网或在您的局域网。 For novices: MizuPhone is an internet phone software to make real calls using your PC. 新手: MizuPhone是一个网络电话软件,使真正需要使用你的电脑。

MizuPhone tries to combine the SIP compatibility with P2P inteligence and an intuitive GUI. MizuPhone试图结合SIP协议的P2P兼容性情报和一个直观的图形用户界面。 It is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to keep its telephone bills to minimum while using the greatest features from the VOIP industry. 这是一个完美的选择,大家谁希望保持其电话费最低,而使用最强大的功能来自VOIP产业。

The good news to VOIP service providers is, that MizuPhone was designed to seamleasly work with any SIP server and IP Phone. 好消息向VoIP 服务提供商 ,即MizuPhone旨在seamleasly与任何SIP服务器和IP电话。 Its modular architecture allows you to costumize, add or disable any functionality. 其模块化架构可以让您costumize ,添加或停用任何功能。

MizuPhone is a free softphone for non professional usage! MizuPhone是一个免费软件,非专业的使用!

What else to say? Download and try it . 还有什么话要说吗? 下载和尝试

Facts about MizuPhone 事实MizuPhone Minimize
  1. MizuPhone has extra features like HD video, Remote Desktop over SIP and UltraWideband codec MizuPhone了额外的功能,如高清晰视频,远程桌面的SIP和超宽带编解码器
  2. The softphone is built exclusively on industry standard technologies providing full compatibility with your existing SIP infrastructure 该软件是建立专门的行业标准技术提供完全兼容现有的SIP协议的基础设施
  3. MizuPhone helps to join the largest comunity in the world. 加入MizuPhone帮助最大的社群在世界上。 Over 10 million existing SIP users 超过1000万现有的SIP用户
  4. With the help of its advanced network handling, it will work behind NAT's and firewalls 借助其先进的网络处理,将工作落后的NAT和防火墙
  5. The P2P functionality lighten the sip server load and brings the biggest service availabilty P2P技术的功能,减轻负荷和SIP服务器带来最大的服务availabilty
  6. It's simple user interface makes it usable even by novices 这是简单的用户界面使可用甚至新手
  7. It knows everything what a voip client should know, and still compatible with any SIPserver 它知道一切什么的VoIP客户端应该知道,现在仍然兼容任何SIPserver
  8. It's advanced features (video, file transfer, conference, remote desktop, etc) will work even if the server dosn't support them 它的高级功能(视频,文件传输,会议,远程桌面等) ,将工作即使服务器dosn't支持他们
  9. The automatic network discovery brings efficiency at your workplace 自动网络发现使您的工作效率
  10. The softphone that takes the most of the newest VOIP technologies 软,考虑最最新的VoIP技术

MizuTech Softphone Overview MizuTech软件概况 Minimize
  • Long list of built-in features but simple to use 一长串内置的功能,但简单易用
  • Can handle multiple profiles, multiple accounts and multiple SIP server registrations 可处理多个配置文件,多个帐户,并注册多个SIP服务器
  • Clear IP-IP voice quality due to Ultra WideBand codecs 明确知识产权的IP语音质量,由于超宽带编解码器
  • HD quality video calls (depending on your camera and bandwidth) HD质量的视频通话(取决于您的相机和带宽)
  • Presence, instant messaging and SMS 在场,即时通讯和短信
  • Mute, Hold, Redial, Transfer, Forward, Conference 静音,持有,重拨,转让,转寄,会议
  • File transfer and file sharing (compatibile with any SIP server) 文件传输和文件共享( compatibile任何SIP服务器)
  • Remote Desktop (compatibile with any SIP server) 远程桌面( compatibile任何SIP服务器)
  • Local and remote VoiceMail 本地和远程语音信箱
  • FAX (T.38 and Inband) 传真( T.38和带内)
  • AEC, AGC, VAD, PLC, QoS, Noise supression 非洲经济共同体,自动增益控制痴呆,可编程控制器,服务质量,噪声抑制
  • Audio Codecs: G711, G.722, G.723, G726, G729, GSM, iLBC, Speex 音频编解码器: G711 , G.722 , G.723 , G726 , G729 ,支持GSM , iLBC , Speex
  • Video Codecs : MJPG, MPEG1, MPEG4, Theora, H263, H264 视频编解码器: MJPG , MPEG1 , MPEG4格式,理, H263 , H264
  • Transport protocolls: UDP, TCP, TLS 运输protocolls : UDP连接时, TCP , TLS的
  • DTMF (Inband, RFC 2833 and SIP INFO) 双音多频(带内,符合RFC 2833和SIP信息)
  • Softphone profile storage (WebDav, XCAP, FTP, HTTP) 软件配置文件存储控制( WebDAV , XCAP ,的FTP , HTTP )的
  • Network handling: UPNP, STUN, ICE, firewall and NAT detection 网络处理: UPnP的,眩晕,冰岛,防火墙和NAT检测
  • History (with voice and video recording) 历史(与语音和视频录制)
  • Balance/credit display 平衡/学分显示
  • Capable for encypted communications (Bowflish,TLS-SSL,SRTP) 能够为encypted通讯( Bowflish , TLS的脂质体,分区域培训方案)
  • Intelligent P2P based network path detection (will work even if the server is down) 基于智能化的P2P网络路径检测(将工作即使服务器关闭)
  • Free profile storage and routing helper servers 免费档案储存和路由辅助服务器
  • Everything is customizable (preconfigured accounts, user interface, language, etc) 一切都是定制(预先设定的帐户,用户界面,语言,等等)

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