ROADMAP Q4 2018 - Q1 2019

This is a short draft about our plans for Q4 2018 / Q1 2019. We have a long list of planned features/modules/new software ideas and our priorities might change over time based on market changes or customer requests.


  • iOS Softphone upgraded to latest SIP stack / latest SDK, optimized for new iPhones (done)
  • New version for Win PBX planned for October 4
  • Android softphone major new version release planned for October 27 (done)
  • Major upgrade for WebRTC stack (used in server and softphones)
  • AJVoIP (SIP library for Android): October 30
  • iOS Softphone features upgrade (OPUS, conference, transfer, video, server integration, CallKit) planned for November 15
  • Major new version for Windows softphone planned for December first week
  • WebPhone 2.6 with a long list of improvements planned for December 12
  • Softswitch 9.0 with many new features and ready to use virtual machine images: January
  • New version for the WebRTC gateway: January
  • Webphone NS engine for MAC and Linux: February
  • JVoIP Java SIP library v.7.0: February
  • Softphone for MAC/Linux: March
  • New release for all SDK: March
  • Softswitch linux/docker image: March
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